Friday, July 1, 2011

Mario Party 6

Skyler got to celebrate his birthday a few weeks early, so that his friends from school would still be around to celebrate with him. He requested a Mario Party, and it was super fun, and easy to plan. You see Skyler's friend Cody had a Mario Party earlier this year, and his mom did a great job planing out different activities, and then another friend Tyler had a Mario Party, so Cody's Mom gave her stuff to Tylers Mom. Tyler's Mom added a few things, and then it all got passed on to us. I got to add a few things for Skylers Party, but already had some great games planned and prepared thanks to these other wonderful women.

We started off with getting 2 teams established since some of the games required them to work in teams. What better way than Mario and Luigi. I made some easy hats for the kids, and it made it really easy to tell who was on which team. Then we ate some lunch - Pizza of course, Mario is Italian you know.
My parents even came to crash the party and keep Ryley out of the way for a little bit.
Then the kids had cake, and this is truly embarrassing - I was still finishing the cake when the kids were arriving. (due to a schedule change in soccer for Ethan and trying to be everywhere are once) and it is the ugliest cake that I have made since I was about 10. Oh well, the kids loved it, and it was what Skyler asked for.
The first game was fishing for Cheap cheap fish - each fish had a value on them, and the team with the most points at the end won.
Then we played Mario Bingo.
Pin the mustashe on Mario, and another game where they had to chose which cup to look under - some had shy guys, others had Bob-oms, and a few had a candy. The team with the most shy guys won.
One of the games the kids had to try to pop the balloons with their bums - problem was these dollar store balloons were hard for these feather weights to pop!
There was 2 minutes given for the kids to gather as many coins as they could from around the house.
The kids had to make some sweet treats to match mine exactly, and the first team to get it right got a point, first team with three points won.
Jordan made a game like picture this from Mario Party 7, and he would hold up a picture and the kids would have to sort through theirs to find the match and run it up to him. The first team with 3 correct won.
My personal favorite, and I think most of the kids favorites was the Yoshi egg smash. I drained a few dozen eggs, and then filled them with glitter, and a select few with stars in them, and taped off the openings and made them look like Yoshi eggs.
Then the kids got to throw them at the poster and had to run up to see if there was a star. I actually expected to find a hole in my siding by the time this was over, these 6 year olds are getting strong!.
We finished it off with a Boo pinata, and again these boys surprised me with how strong they are.
We had decorated with a few hanging Boos in the house, and the kids thought they we super fun, and I liked how easy and cheap they were.
This is my new favorite way to do treat bags. I stamped the kids names on the bags, and then cut out a picture of some power up mushrooms, and I used craft bags from the dollar store.
Overall Skyler thought it was pretty great, and Ethan loved being a part of the fun with all of Skylers Friends.

It was a fun day, and the smile on my kids faces made it all worth it.

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