Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had a fun day, despite my limited mobility. Jordan and the boys were supposed to go camping on Friday, but because of the weather forecast postponed it a few weeks. It turned out to be beautiful and they would have had a blast, but to make up for the change in plans he and the boys had a sleepover in the basement. Air mattresses, sleeping bags, movies, and junk food. The boys were in heaven.We made Jordan breakfast in bed (yes, he stayed after both boys were up). Unfortunately we were not so quiet getting it to him thanks to my gibbled hop, and needing Skyler to help carry the juice, and then I couldn't even get close enough to him to give it to him, he had to practically come and get it.
We gave him some tees with a coupon for a round of golf which I thought was so cute - I know it was lost on him, but it made me happy. Found here.After Church today I decided to make Jordan some fresh guacamole and pico for lunch, I was already feeling bad that I couldn't do all that I wanted to do because of my foot, and while trying to get out a bowl I knocked the stack on the floor and broke them all. I hobbled away and started to bawl - way too frustrating for me not to be able to do everything on my own!

I think that my kids are pretty lucky to have such an awesome Dad, and I know I am lucky to have him as my partner as we try to raise our children.

We went to my parents for dinner, and my in-laws for dessert so that we could spend some time with both of our Dads. I made them each a super hero kit found here I know, at least for my Dad that the treats inside mean very little, but this was my way of telling him just how important he is to me. Every time an important decision needs to be made in my life I always check to see what my Dad thinks before I make my decision. I have been soo blessed to be raised in the family that I was, and to have him as a role model. My children have all been blessed to live close and have a great relationship with him, and they too have benefited from his wisdom and love. He is a true Super Hero in my eyes.

Unfortunately I forgot to pull out my camera when we got to my inlaws, but my Father in Law is another father in our lives who deserves a day of recognition. He is a wonderful support, and is always there when we need him. I am grateful for the example that he has been, and for the way that he raised Jordan.

My heart is filled with Joy as I take the time to consider these wonderful men, and the many sacrifices that they have made, and will continue to make for their families. We are soo blessed.

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