Monday, June 6, 2011

Ethan's 4!

On Saturday we had a birthday party at our house Spiderman style. I find it hard to come up with themes, gifts or anything really for Ethan because all he wants is what Skyler has, wants, or is doing, and then we already have a ton of toys that have accumulated with the 2 boys. We have another party coming up in a few weeks, and it took a while before Ethan decided that he was happy and excited about a Spiderman party, but as the day came closer, and I worked on different things, the excitement became almost uncontrollable, and I loved it!As all of the little kids arrived they got to work on their spiderman canvass masterpieces.even Miss Ryley wanted in on all of the fun.We had some snacks, and spiderman cake, Smashed a spiderman pinata, and played some games.

I think the kids favorite was the web walk, which we played like musical chairs, only I used glittery webs that I had made.They also had a balloon toss game, and wouldn't it be just out luck, and robber came and tried to steal the cake - luckily I had a bunch of armed little superheroes to stop him, and then Jordan had to call the police when he tried to steal the car.
It was soo fun, and I loved hearing the little cries of 'this is awesome' from all of our little guests.
I had fun finding everything spiderman at the dollar store, and there was a ton which made decorating easy. We wrapped everything in Spider man too - I just couldn't resist. The gift bags were fun and easy. I just stamped the kids name on the outside so that we could make sure that they got the right bag on the way out the door, and glued on a spiderman decal.Then they were filled with a few things spiderman - most of which they accumulated throughout the party.Sunday was Ethan's real birthday, so we had all of the family over to have a BBQ and celebrate him. It was fun and simple. The kids had soo much fun playing outside (we actually had a beautiful sunny day for it)
I made a candy cake for something a little different found here. It was soo easy to make, and I LOVED how it turned out!

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Karey said...

can you please be on my committee or at least plan my next party :) you rock!