Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We had a Wedding in our family!

My little brother John married his beautiful fiance on the long weekend, and although family can be hard, and there is a lot to set up, take down and remember - the wedding was beautiful, and the reception was fun, and they had a party that was all about them! Even knowing all this, I must put it out there that they had the prettiest little flower girl, and most dashing little ring bearers, even if Ethan was in the middle of a fit as he walked down the aisle.Ryley did pretty good with her flower petals, but may have enjoyed putting them back into the basket as much as she enjoyed taking them out.John was perfectly fidgety and nervous as the morning went on, and Amanda was late for her own wedding. Amanda was brilliantly beautiful, and radiantly happy as she pulled up late for said wedding.

The ceremony was held on the beach, and those in attendance got a little sun, which is actually nice since it was raining by the time the reception started.
Jordan put together a slide show in the hour between the ceremony and reception sitting in the van, on his laptop, and it was beautiful, and fun to see pictures of both of them growing up. It will be fun to see the pictures that are still to come as they build their lives together.The cupcakes were good - Ethan told me so.
My Dad was there, and held up quite well, at least until after the reception. He golfed at his favorite course on Friday, and I made Jordan babysit. It was interesting to hear Jordan say that he thinks my Dad should start golfing 9 holes since my Jordan beat my Dad on the first 9, but by the end of 18 Jordan still lost. Had they just played 9 Jordan would have won! Not to worry, I mentioned the idea of just playing 9 holes to my Dad, and he quickly refuted it saying that playing 9 holes is like kissing your sister.

Weddings are fun, but I am ok if there is a break before we have to do it all over again.

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