Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I love watching my kids grow up. Skyler 'gets' a lot more things now. He and Jordan devised a secret plan to clean the house for me while I was sleeping - to which I totally ruined by going to a baby shower for a dear friend, so Skyler made me promise that I would punish daddy if i caught him cleaning. Not the kind of promise that I like to make, but I was ok with it this time.

My boys cleaned my house! Skyler swept and mopped, and Ethan vacuumed - of course Jordan supervised ;)

I was brought some strawberry's in bed, and everyone was super well behaved. We went to my beautiful Mom's where my brother and his girlfriend had made a delicious brunch for us. We were able to enjoy some time with my mom before we went off to church, and ended our wonderful day at my in-laws for dinner.

Sometimes it is the simple things, or the excitement or serious tone of a child that make the gift. I was touched by how serious Skyler took the cleaning of the house for me - even though I know a huge part of that was because he would get to stay up late.

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Dorienne said...

Great Mother's Day! Your family was very good to you.