Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Chef's

So I kind of got myself in over my head. The little Joy School group is going on a field trip to a bakery, and I thought hey wouldn't it be cute if they all had aprons. I am busy finalizing the field trip with the bakery and I am told that all the kids need to have hats on their heads. Wouldn't it be cute if they all had little chef hats. Indeed it would be, but I have never followed a patter in my life. I sew - kind of, I just cut and sew until it resembles what I am trying to make. I spent 3 hours cutting out fabric and then one very busy day sewing, but are these not so cute?

My sister in law did a little photo shoot. Here are 6 of the aprons, but I made 11, I will post some of the older boys in theirs after the trip on Thursday.


Kristy said...

wow those are SO cute. LOVE the little chef hats, i wish i was more creative like that. tried to sew, got a blanket down but that's about it.

Sandi said...

I do wish you made patterns. I strictly work with patterns and I need this one.

The Bullknitter said...

Those are adorable. It's always fun when a project takes on a life of it's own.