Saturday, April 18, 2009

Graduation Party

We are nearing the end of Jordan's Masters so today I threw him a surprise party, and it was fabulous! More than 70 people friends and family came to say congrats, and to help me shoe Jordan the appreciation for all that he has done. We are nearing the end of 6 years of school, and he has supported his family and we have 2 children who have blessed our lives in this time.I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would have liked because I was busy filling up the food table, organizing the party, or of course I spent a little too much time talking to all of our wonderful guests, and I already had all of my family with assignments to help me pull it off.

My mother in law, and my sister in law Tamara did all of the decorations, they were simple, but looked great. The hat Jordan was wearing was one of the centerpieces.
they did a couple of banners like the one above, that had all of the scholarships and awards that Jordan has won in the past 6 years.flanking the screen that was set up for the slide show it said congratulations Jordan, and had 2 balloon mom made that cake, and I think that it turned out great! We used black, white and Red as the color pallet because those are Jordan's school colors at the University.

My sister in law Jocelyn made a short, cute photo show showcasing milestone in Jordans life since high school. being married, having 2 kids, graduating with his undergraduate degree being the big ones.

We did a short game of How well do YOU know Jordan, and there were 40 questions for people to try and answer about Jordan I loved this, and thought it was really fun. We had prizes for those that came in the top 3 as well as the top friend, since family seemed to have the upper hand answering these questions.

I am so grateful for all of the help in pulling this off, and I really hope that Jordan knows how proud I am of his accomplishments, and how grateful I am of all of his hard work, and support that he has given ME during theses 6 years.


Carla said...

melanie...i know you wanted it to be such a special day for Jordan. it sounds like it truly was!! Congratulations to both of you!!!

Marie said...

What a fun party! Everything looked great and your cake was amazing! Hoory for the end of a six year journey!

seasnskies said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there to share in your special day, (Stu was working all that day-I meant to tell you) Please give Jordan our congratulations!!