Saturday, April 4, 2009

Randomness, and a baby update

I just thought this was cute, and should have gotten a picture of Skyler as well. Smoothies make a regular appearance in our home, and following a smoothie is always a warm blanket and for the kids cartoons. Like Father like Son.
I also had more mission home cooking to do this week, and again not a lot of notice, but it worked out, it just made Friday a little crazy loading up 4 kids, and all of the food to get it to the mission home for zone leader training. ANyways this was dessert, a simple cheesecake with some yummy fresh strawberry's on top.I should have taken a picture of my kitchen at this point, it was less than pretty, but the food was done!

In baby news

I had a couple of tests (non-invasive) on thursday where they were hoping to do some genetic testing on the baby. Apparently the baby was no cooperating and they were not able to get complete scans - I guess my doctor will tell me at my next appointment if they were able to see anything at all, but then they wanted to move on to more invasive testing and suggested an amnio. I declined, I know enough about biology, and the strain that an amnio presents to both fetus and mommy to know that I don't need one. I am 25 years old, and otherwise healthy. The doctor thinks it is important because they are wanting my options open for abortion and adoption, but since it won't change my mind we will just take it as it comes. No more genetic testing, and we will see how Heavenly Father wants this baby to join our family, healthy and whole, or with some trials in this life.


Kristy said...

that's so sad to hear about the 2nd baby, twins would be so fun. i'm guessing it's too early to know the sex at the ultrasounds? hopefully this baby will be alright, u'll be a great mom to whoever comes in this world.

Debbi said...

I will keep babe in my prayers, and you too.

The Bullknitter said...

Whoa, I'm so out of the loop. Take care of yourself, girl. Call me if there is anything I can do to help out. And I love the monkeys on the blog background.

Ashley Dawn said...

That cake looks great. I love the sweet but simple idea, but it looks fabulous. Good luck with the results from the scans. I'm totally with you on the amnio thing. Those are SO invasive, I wouldn't do it either. There's like a 20% chance of miscarriage after they do those. That's a little bit too high for my liking. Good luck with it all, you'll be a wonderful mom to this baby - healthy or not.

Marie said...

You are handling this with such grace and faith. It is inspiring.