Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhogs Day

So I share my birthday with a special day for groundhogs, but oh well, today was a wonderful day!

We did start the day with vaccinations for Ryley and Skyler this morning and my poor sweet girl is really sensitive to needles. Where my boys don't like needles, I have never really had to deal with a sore, cranky baby because of them, but our princess is sore AND cranky.

After we got that done though my amazing friend and neighbor took me out to lunch to RED LOBSTER and oh how I love good sea food. We were able to spend some (not a ton) of time talking about whatever we wanted and my brother had my boys at home, and they started our groundhogs celebrations. We made some slightly creepy looking groundhog cupcakes. I love making small days special, but today Skyler kept asking me what do we get to do today, and unfortunately for him we never did get to the shadow games, and shadow puppets that I wanted to do, maybe next year...
The boys were soo super excited when I let them have the left over m&m's sinc eI only needed brown ones for our groundhogs.
Tonight My brother and his fiance treated Jordan and I to dinner at Open Sesame which was oh so yummy as well, and this means more to me than I can ever describe. He used to be my best friend and he could make me laugh, no matter how mad or uptight I was, then he made some questionable decisions, and I became queen of my soap box (SOO happy that I have been able to let stuff go, see past things and keep perspective here) The fact that we were able to go out, have fun and enjoy a dinner and really have a good time means so much.

I feel very loved and very blessed today.


Bree Johnson said...

your such a great mom always be my example!

Marie said...

Who wouldn't want to share their special day with a rodant?

And I thought your cupcakes were awesome. Like zombie groundhogs. Teehee.