Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Day Fun

I am soo grateful for Jordan and the fact that he, while being busy with work and a few other contracts made the time to spend with us on Family day. I am glad (at least most of the time) that he values vacations and down time.

On family day we went to my in laws in the morning and swam in their pool, the boys love this! I had everything for Ryley to swim in her cute new bathing suit, but she chose to sleep through this activity.

We then went to Mc Donalds, I know not fabulous food, but the boys love it and really enjoy the play structure. This time it was busy though, and I ended up climbing the structure to save Ethan from some kids who were hitting and pushing him around, and to save Skyler from trouble because he was adamit that he protect his little brother. Getting up there was bad enough, but them Ethan went to go down the slide, and there was a kid sitting half way down that refused to move, so Ethan ran into him, began crying again, and I ended up half way down this slide as well, trying to get the jam unplugged, and my kids out!

We then went to the film festival at Cardel Place. It was a little mature for our kids, but they had fun all the same. Skyler got to be an actor in a movie that was directed, and filmed by other kids, and he also got his face painted like a 'puma' which he believes to be the fastest animal in the world.

I do love long weekends!

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