Thursday, February 18, 2010

Give Away

so, I have finally decided to start Selling some of the things I make, and my neighbor is working right along with me. The problem we have now is a name. We are selling things like aprons and Chef Hats, Tutu's, fabric high chairs, sleep sacs, hair accessories, soother clips etc.

So I am going to give away an apron and chef hat to one randomly chosen person. To enter you need to leave a comment with an idea for our name. The give away will close on the 27th of February. I will give you an extra entry if you promote this on your own blog, or on facebook.


Bree Johnson said...

oooh fun!
Domestic Divas
Trendy Tots
Crafty Creations
A and M Boutique
skyler ethan riley allie and new baby all combined?
or something totally different like
Baby owl boutique
BIrdie Boutique

my suggestion take 10 words you love and that you think describe what you want the feel of your shop to be and start combining them.

Anonymous said...

pretty in pink - DAD

Anonymous said...

ùi think you should call your business happy crafters - mom

Anonymous said...

mommy i think you should name it cutiepie - ethan

Anonymous said...

mommy i think you should call it all in a days work - skyler

Anonymous said...

Call it Trendy Bliss - Stephen