Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished!... Almost

I know it seems like this is a never ending journey, but I am happy to announce that Jordan passes his Thesis defense today. It was conditional though that he make some changes to his written thesis. We are soo excited to finish this, and the boys and I are pretty proud of how far he has come, and we are almost there. While he was giving his oral defense today, the boys and I made a banner and a little gift for him to come home to. He finds it embarrassing, but I LOVE it!


Christy said...

The banner is so sweet! I bet he secretly loves it too!

Carla McDaniel said...

I am sure he loved it, even if it's a bit embarrassing to him. Way to go Jordan!!!

Susie said...

wahoo! I find you can get away with more things like this and not feel so dorky and I think they can at least pretend to like it. ALSO your last post I to feel your pain. thanks. ughhh one day.... they will actually touch and eat their dinner right?