Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

We got to celebrate a birthday at our house today, and I am soo grateful to my younger brother Stephen for all the help that he was! I found out Yesterday that I needed to cater a lunch for the mission home today, and already had plans to have all of my family over for a birthday celebration for my mom. Stephen kept me sane in accomplishing these things today!

I had 2 little boys who helped decorate, and were soo excited to give Grandma their gifts. Skyler kept telling me that he won't even tell grandma, not even once that he painted her a picture!We had all of my siblings (except Eric who couldn't make it up from Lethbridge) come over for dinner and cake, and gave Grandma her presents. Ethan was Grandma's boy tonight!We got Grandma some vinyl lettering so that she can finish off her family wall, an Ac/DC inverter so that she can plug stuff in using the car charger, and the boys painted her some beautiful canvases.gotta love the action eating shot!

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