Friday, January 8, 2010

Busy lazy day

Yesterday I had nothing on the schedule, but after everything settled down Wednesday night I got a phone call saying my sister in law was heading to the hospital, and they asked if I could watch Holli - sure, I just had a lazy day planned (by the way baby girl, her name is Alise Morley Fox, and was 7 lbs 7 oz and I think she looks just like Jeff!)

Then a friend Bree came over to do some party planning and figuring. I Love how creative this woman is, and I love that she helps me bring to life all of the parties that are in my head.

My neighbor had invited us to swimming earlier in the day, but then called to cancel because her 2 year old was acting like a fabulous tantruming 2 year old. I then called another friend Marissa to ask her a question, and she was doing nothing, so we invited her over to make taggie blankets for the babies (hers is due early April) and I must say I am please with how the blankets turned out. I would change a few things next time but yay for a first!
Ryley can soak it in no time flat!


Anonymous said...

I'd love for you to change your profile to include being a mother to your delightful little girl, instead of only to the 2 boys.

Bree Johnson said...

your way too sweet- blankie looks cute!!! but really woman you amaze me with your talents!