Friday, January 8, 2010

why post anonymous?

So I just made a post earlier tonight, and there was a comment left asking me to include my beautiful daughter in my profile. It was left politely, and honestly it is just something that has not crossed my mind. I started my blog about 2 years ago just after Ethan was born, so even my web address is all about my 2 boys. I am totally not offended, and in fact grateful that someone is paying close enough attention to catch the things that I miss, but why not a name???


Jenn M said...

Because people are turkeys?

It might be because the person doesn't have a blog account.

I"m getting weird spam annoymous posts which are vague and not to the point but this seems more like the person doesn't have one of the 4 types of blog accounts..

Kat said...

Probably they dont have an account...but it really is my pet peeve.
If you can't leave a comment with your name beside it,then do not comment, I am not saying this person was mean in any way, but I have seen so many rude comments on people's blogs ,always left by anonymous people. I dont get it.

Becka said...

Meh, but still when people can't leave with an identity they usually put that in their comment, like Hey, this is so and so. I've had a problem with Anon commenters. Be glad yours was nice and not rude/pervie.