Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am the Winner!

[I need addresses so that I can send of some fun mail. Please send me a message so that I can send you some great stuff!]

I just won my very first Blog contest! Jordan of course rolled his eyes and asked my how many hours I spent reading blogs to win something, but fun non the less.

The contest is called Pay it forward. since I won, I get to have a contest on my Blog, and if you win, I will send you some good mail! I will use a randomizer, and 3 people will win, but if you win, then just pay it forward and see who really reads your Blog.

I got this amazing manicure in a bottle type thing from Kalina
and just got to use it... oh so nice.

I am super excited about coming up with some good mail to send off.

I want to know what your favorite kids book is, and why. Leave a comment and maybe I will be sending you some good mail!

I will go to randomizer Next Friday!


Alana said...

How the Grinch stole Christmas beacuse it brings so many good memories. I also like for my son the Sandra Boyton books especially the ones the one called Personal Peguin as it has a catchy son that goes along with it.

Jared and Liam Craig said...

Mine is I'll Love You Forever. by robert munch

As a kid I liked it because I thought it was silly, now that I am a mom it brings on a whole new meaning, thats no matter what i WILL always love my children. I cry almost everytime I read it lol

Mandi said...

oh, fun! I love anything by Mo Willems (such as Leonardo the Terrible Monster, or Don't let the pigeon drive the bus). Great author. Great books.

But then I have to many favorites to really pick...