Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am so grateful for my calling in the Primary Presidency, and even for all of the many challenges that it presents. Our primary has 140 children, plus about 40 in Nursery. It is HUGE, and that does make things very difficult. There are so many fun things that we would love to do with them, but because of sheer numbers it is not a possibility. I am so grateful for the simple faith of Children, and for their courage and example. Month after month I feel the need to bear my testimony and always talk myself out of it. Today I couldn't sit any longer. The children in our primary were lining up to be an example to me, and to teach ME something. I love the women that I work with and feel blessed for the struggles, and lessons that I have learned.


Marie said...

Hey! I"m in the presidency too. although, my primary is about half as big as yours. What kind of crazy ward do you live in!?!

Primary is great, and teaching the simple principles of the gospel is so testimony building.

lelly said...

thanks for leaving a comment!! i hope you'll join in the spt fun - in the meantime, i ALWAYS love to hear from visitors!!

houseofhud said...

You are great in primary and you always grab the kids attention with the little stories that you tell.