Friday, June 27, 2008

Smoothie anyone?

ok, so this is not really catching up on any of the blogs that I have wanted to post over the past couple of weeks, but it is something that happened the other night at our house.

We LOVE smoothies. My husband has mastered the art, and we have blown through one blender, and the second is on the fritz since being married almost 4 years ago (note: this number is way smaller than the number of mixers that I personally have somehow broken, but we will not get into that)

I guess that love was passed onto our kids.
Ethan sat on the island, while Jordan, Skyler and I sat at the island, and he crawled between the smoothies maximizing what he was able to consume because he had 3 to go between, instead of just sharing with one person.

I thought this was so funny, and if one of us was taking a drink when he got to us, he would try to push our heads out of the way, and suck on whatever he could get his mouth around.


Dayna said...

aww your boys are so cute!

Mandi said...

Hey! That sounds like my kids too!

Marie said...

I love that they pushed your hands away so they could get another turn. So funny!