Sunday, June 15, 2008

no mommy, no, you are Not smart...

How is it that kids always seem to find a way to put us in our place.

I planned on having my grandma sew bags for favors at Skyler's birthday party, but decided hey, I have extra fabric from the Firetruck wrap on Skylers bed, I can come up with something right? I have zero ability to follow a patterns, although I am pretty capable at just sewing, and comming up with something, and that is exactly how the day began. I brought out the books that I wanted to send home with the kids, and did a little measureing, and a little more cutting, a few minutes sewing, and wow a perfect little bag materialized out of no where.

In my excitement I exclaimed "I am a genius!" Skyler over hears this outburst and asks me what a genius is. I explain that it means that mommy is smart.

"no mommy, no! You are NOT smart"

I wish I could say that this is the only time that he has decided that my IQ is less than stellar, but no he seems to think that I need to be put in my place on a regular basis.
but really, when you are 2, and playing chess doesn't that make everyone else seem a little less intelligent?