Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the Father's in my life. I am very blessed to have inspirational, loving caring men in my life. Today we had brunch with my dad, and Dinner with Jordans. The boys LOVE waking up dad, and Jordan really doesn't love waking up. an unfortunate combination, but Jordan plays along. One reason he is a great Dad!
The gifts this year were really personalized for the most part. Jordan got a shirt that had a mark from both boys. Skylers Hands, and Ethan's feet (simply because he would not cooperate!)
Jordan also got a Miter Saw from the boys, but it was a little big and bulky for the bed.
We made Rick a tie that had pictures of all of his grandkids on it. There are 6 of them now, and that took some fancy computer work by my husband.
We made my dad a golf shirt again with his grandkids on. He only has my 2 boys, so it was a little easier. We were working on practicality here. My dad wears golf shirts 7 days a week! He wears a dress shirt to church, but before and after golf shirts. In fact if he had his way, he would be golfing 7 days a week. Nobody wears a farmers tan as proudly as my dad who got it golfing!

Happy Fathers day. I am soo grateful and love all of the Fathers in my life a great deal.

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