Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan

My baby boy turned 1 today!

We had a family dinner last night, and filled our little house to the brim. We are lucky enough to live only minutes from most of our immediate family. Jordan and I both have 1 sibling that lives in a different city, but still in Alberta.
Standing room only? We are almost done the basement, and had it set up so that people could go down stairs, but most just stayed where the action was. This is Jordan's Dad, his sister Jocelyn, her daughter Holli and her husband Jeff. Not to worry there was lots of food.

I made fish cupcakes, and decorated with blue and Yellow, maybe I am a geek, but I love color coordinating things!
Ethan didn't really enjoy the cupcake though, I helped his take a bite and he had a precious, and totally disgusted look on his face. He did play with the icing and get thoroughly dirty!

After a bath, and some clean fresh jammies Ethan attacked the presents.
ok, so he didn't attack them, he more tried to put the paper back on after I helped to get it off. He did like his cards, and some thoughtful relatives gave him some cute toys and clothes, most of which was promptly stolen by Skyler.

Poor Skyler tried all night to steal the spotlight but really didn't have too much success. He kept telling me that it was Skylers and Ethan's Birthday.
I did let him help me do some of the cupcake decorating, and this is what his turned out like. I guess when you are his age the more icing the better? He was a good sport though, and at least let Ethan see his new toys before taking them and wearing them in a little.

It was a wonderfully fun evening, but I have had a long week and am feeling exhausted!


Marie said...

I love your cupcakes. They were totally cute. And I am a nerd about colour coordinating parties too, so don't worry about it!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe how quick our kids are growing up!