Saturday, May 3, 2008

52 Blessings

52 Blessings, Blessing Number 5

I am grateful for kindness, friendship, love, fun, creativeness, acceptance, beauty...I am grateful for my sister's, ok, so actually I do not have any sisters, but my husband has 3, and I am grateful for them. I think that dealing with your own family who you were raised, by and with is often struggle, and naturally a whole other family thrown into the mix when you get married is not always easy to deal with either. I think that I am very blessed to have in-laws who care so much, and are willing to help wherever possible, but today I am grateful for Sisters.

My sister in law Tamara (the one in the middle) has always been willing to help, this week I was struggling to make a crafty little project (I am great at copying, but can never come up with things on my own) and I called on her in a moment of frustration. She willing helped, and I am very pleased with the result! Tamara was the first to bring a meal over after I returned home from the hospital with Ethan, something that I am sure Jordan is very grateful for too! She is a beautiful mom of 3 beautiful children, and we love to spend time with their family.

My sister in law Jocelyn (the one on the right) recently moved up to Canada from Idaho, and it is great to see her more often. She is a talented photographer, who is great with kids! Skyler is always asking for Dep and Doce, who would be Jeff (her husband) and Joce. She has a beautiful porcelain doll of a baby who Ethan love to push around, because he is just a little older. Jocelyn always has a smile on her face, and looks for the best is any situation. I am grateful for her!

My sister in law Ashlyn (the one on the left) is the baby in the family, and is currently living in Edmonton where she is attending school. My kids love to grab her hand and drag her around the house to play with this toy, or look at that one, and she goes, and makes them feel like it is important. We don't see Ashlyn as often as we would like, but I am grateful that I can call her my sister as well!

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