Monday, May 26, 2008

New Growth

I am grateful for my small garden, if you can call it that.
this is all that we have room for in our tiny backyard after the shed, BBQ, slides, kids picnic table, gigantic riding tractor, with trailer that Skyler got for his birthday from my parents last year, bucket of toys... you get the point. My back yard belongs to my son, with a small portion designated to my grilling husband. This is my pride and joy for the past 2 years. I have a few small planters that line the edge of my patio, and I am grateful for them. They bring forth great fresh food for my family to enjoy, and I find such satisfaction in growing my own food.
This one is growing my herbs. Cilantro which is one of Jordan's favorite herbs, and basil for all of my summer fresh bruschetta! I am grateful each spring for the new growth, and the opportunity that I have to watch things grow!

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houseofhud said...

Mmmm...fresh grown vegetables. I need to try your bruschetta sometime!!!