Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skyler's Point of View

I thought this was so fun, although not really intentional. Apparently 2 year old Skyler thinks that he is big enough to be the one taking the pictures now. This is soo cute, I might actually repeat it (although I think a more child proof camera is in the cards.
Not a bad shot by a 2 year old, in fact I really like this, yes, Ethan is a little funny looking, and this captures it all, but he is soo dang cute!
oops... this is just what was on the camera, what do you think he was trying to get a picture of? Your guess is as good as mine.
not so good at centering a picture, but this a an airplane that Jordan made in jr. high school
I am assuming he is trying to capture the mounds of toys that inhabit our living room, I can't wait for the basement to be finished!

sad, I know but it was important to him that he capture what he was watching on television, this happens to be Care Bears!
and, yes this is yours truly early morning, bad hair, bad breath and all!

None of these (except maybe Ethan) are things that I would take pictures of, but in Skylers world, they are what matters!

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