Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Shade

so, I am a day late, but this week's SPT is shade, and I have a good excuse too, there really is no shade, when the sun doesn't shine, nor is there a need for shade. Today, at least for most of the day we had some sun
this is all of the shade that I get in my backyard for most of the day
and when the sun is shining, and kids are playing, and I am hoping for some shade from those sun rays there is not even enough room for me to sit in a lawn chair, so I resort to shades


lelly said...

oh, sad little shade. that's too funny! your self-portrait is cute!

Marie said...

That is very little shade indeed. But your 'shades' look great on you!

CrabbyFamily said...

we have the same frames... they look great on you! Mary RC