Friday, July 11, 2008

Skyler's Birthday

Yesterday was Skyler's birthday, and my baby is now 3! He has been so much fun to love and raise, I am looking forward to future years, and excited to see what they will bring.
He got to start the day off playing with a few new toys in the backyard. This is the bubble BBQ which works great, and he can't seem to get enough of it. Ethan was thrilled to be by his side getting all messy and watching the bubble appear!

We got to go to a stampede BBQ for my mom's work later in the day and Skyler was thrilled to be at Grandma's work, and got to eat beside Grandpa (or more in his lap) He had a bunch of helium balloons tied to his wrist because he was the birthday boy.
we had a house full of family and friends last night for some dessert to celebrate. My poor niece and nephew who are invited to the party tomorrow were confused and didn't want to go home because they hadn't seen the dinosaurs yet.
we made some homemade ice cream which ended up being the adults because kids were too preoccupied with each other and toys. My mom and I were using oven mits because the bags were soo cold. When all was said and done I know that Skyler had a great day. when he woke up this morning he asked if it could be his birthday again!

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