Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dinosaur Party

The day of Skyler's birthday party finally arrived. We had 6 of his little friends over and celebrated Dinosaur Style! One glitch, and I think it is a huge one. Our Camera Battery, which we have only had to charge twice in the last 3 years decided to die in the middle of the party. Jordan did video some of the remaining party, but I am still seriously put out!
this is the invite that I made up a few weeks ago, and gave to the parents of the children.
the cake. Funny story actually. I had the cake and the icing out, and had iced the outside of the cake, and went upstairs to put Ethan down for a nap, and when I cam back down stairs the cake had icing smeared all over the place, and the lines to follow for the dinosaurs belly and leg were scraped off of the cake. the commentary that followed.

Me: Skyler what did you do?

Skyler: I dunno (shoulders shrugged)

Me: Skyler what did you do?

Skyler: I dunno (arms up in a I didn't do it fashion)

Me: Skyler come look at the cake, what happened?

Skyler: I just ice the cake, make the cake, and eat it Mom, that's why. That's why!

It was quite challenging to draw the lined on without any guides (I am not very crafty) and the picture I had to look at is a mirror image of the cake I was working on. I was happy with how it turned out, it just took way longer than anticipated.
I made all of the party kids foam dinosaur visors, and they were just perfect for a group of 3 year olds!
as the kids were arriving they made dinosaur pictures, but only 3 got made, because the kids all showed up about the same time, so we got the party started!
it is so fun asking kids questions about things that they really don't know anything about. I spent most of party time on me knees so that I was on their level. I told all of the kids that I heard somebody say that there were dinosaurs buried in my backyard, and asked them if they thought that was true. Off they went to explore, and they found a bin full of sand and sure enough there were dinosaurs buried in my backyard.
next the kids went back inside on a dino egg hunt. It was soo funny, some of the kids were getting them al while others were still trying to figure out what was going on.
I made several batches of playdough and wrapped it around little dinosaurs, and then saran wrap (in interest of saving my carpet) the kids then got to bring them outside and "hatch" their eggs.
they were ecstatic to find that there were really dinosaurs in the eggs.
then I slowed things down a bit, and read them a story about dinosaurs, and we sand a song (this is where the battery died) I adapted the song 10 little ducks into 10 little dinosaurs went over the hill and far away. Mother dinosaur went Stomp Stomp Stomp, but only 9 little dinosaurs came home, and each time a child got a little stuffed dinosaur to add to their buckets. The kids we all stomping away as we sang.

I made a "dinosaur egg" pinata which turned out great, and I love that a homemade pinata allowed the kids to break it on their own vs. a store bought card board pinata. This kids broke a huge hole in it, and then my brother knocked all of the candy free, and the kids had a free for all. Before we brought out the pinata I asked the kids where dinosaurs come from and got the answer of "the sand!" close, but not the answer I was looking for, so I changed my question a bit, and asked where baby dinosaurs cam from "pay dough!" again not the answer I was going for - what have I taught these kids?
my husband did take a picture of the table before the camera died. I lucked out, and found land before time decorations at the dollar store. what a perfect match!
this is what the kids ended up taking home, most of which was accumulated throughout the party. Skyler loved it, and I think the other kids had fun too.

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Kristy said...

wow! you sure go all out. sounds like alot of activities which im' sure u'd have too with 3 year old boys.