Monday, July 7, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Skyler, Ethan and I spent a Day at the Zoo today. We took my cousin Ryan, his girlfriend Melanie, and their daughter Kimberly who are down from Edmonton to visit right now.
Skyler got to feed the ducks in the Canadian Wild, it was kind of neat, once you start going to the post to buy food, all of the ducks start waddling up. There was a little baby duck that they tried to feed, but the bigger ducks wouldn't let it have any. How sad!
Skyler is really cautious around animals, and wasn't even sure if he wanted to be that close to the bear. I did have to re-assure him many times that it was safe. He loves to see the animals though, and really enjoyed the day.
there is a train for the little kids to ride that takes them around the Tiger exhibit. Skyler really wanted to go, so I caved. He loved it, and had to be escorted of by the staff when it was over because he wouldn't come off on his own; His plan included a few more trips around the exhibit.
Poor Ethan was left out of most of the pictures because he was strapped into the wagon, and hey I was there without my husband, and was too lazy to take him in and out of it a million times. As it was I spent a lot of time carrying Ethan, and pulling Skyler. I deserve a nap!

I do love when they have the animals out for exercise, like the turtle. It allows you to get soo close. This one was intent on eating my shoes though.

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