Sunday, July 6, 2008


52 Blessings, Blessing 17

I am so grateful for the blessing of service. Sometimes taking time out of my own busy life to help someone else seems like a task too hard to achieve, but the moment that I decide to make time for others I realize the importance of doing so, and it re motivates me to do it again. We have been told that there is nothing greater that we can do on this earth than serve our fellow man, by doing so we are serving the lord our God. An easy principle, but sometimes hard live. I am so grateful for the opportunities to serve, and am making a personal goal to look for more!

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Candace E. Salima said...


I love your blog. I found it through J. Scott Savage's virtual book tour. Interestingly, I'm arranging VBTs (Jul 15 - August 15) for three other authors, would you be interested in participating. Same deal as J. Scott Savage. Email me at and let me know if it sounds good to you.