Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canad Day SPT

This weeks SPT challenge is Summer Sun, and I had grand plans for my family to go on a wonderful picnic to Elbow Falls, maybe put our toes in the water, and take in the summer rays. Today actually happened to be overcast all day, and rained on our way there, and home. Thankfully we were spared the rain on our stay and had a perfectly enjoyable time; not too hot, and not too cold.

so this is my summer sun (not so sunny day) but at least you can see some sun coming through the clouds.
Jordan and Skyler ventured through some very cold water to the big rock, and had to pose for a picture.
and Ethan loved throwing rocks and mud into the water.

I love family outings, they are so fun, and create such wonderful memories of time together.


Rhonda said...

Thank you so much for sweet comment on my blog.

I must say, there is something absolutely irresistible about a little boy sitting in the middle of rocks and MUD! I have one boy, age nine and he would have been doing the very same thing at that age too.

Absolutely love your post on "Sun!"

lelly said...

love that you posted an spt this week! happy canada day - a day at the falls seems wonderful (especially when the clouds provide relief from the sun!)

Amber Grannis said...

What a gorgeous backdrop for you SPT! Simply breath-taking...sun or no sun.

Jeanette said...

Wow, it is gorgeous there! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place with such an adorable family. I love little boys they are too cute.

Bren's Life said...

That looks like a beautiful lake.. What a fun adventure. Glad it didn't rain on ya there..