Monday, April 9, 2012

Hair cuts

My Mom and I took the kids out on Friday and stopped by Giggles and got the kids hair cuts. Skyler really wanted a mohawk, but the poor kid has so many cowlicks that it is almost impossible. The lady cut it and then sprayed it so that it would help show it off, and he was thrilled even though it resembles very little of a mohawk.Ethan is a challenge on his own because his hair is blonde, thin and still has not filled out in the front, and who knows if it ever will. He decided that he wanted a mohawk just like Skyler. The lady who did his hair, I believe her name was Amber did a fantastic job! He can style in like a mohawk, or have his old man combover.

Ryleys was like a bang trim since her hair is so thin. I still want to try growing it out, but it needed to be cleaned up. That took about 30 seconds, and she got some pink hair and sparkles put it.I am generally happy with the cuts, but don't get me started on the cost. I cut all my boys own hair, I really do not enjoy doing it, but seriously that is a lot of money to shell out every couple of weeks for something that I CAN do.

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