Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dad's Legacy

I have mentioned before the love for Golf that my Dad had.  We have felt his loss a lot, and whenever we talk about Golf, my thoughts turn to my Dad.  Jordan is missing his golfing companions as a new season is starting.  My brother Stephen was always up for a game of golf, and my Dad was usually instigating them.  Jordan has a Love for golf, but doesn't love going by himself.  My Mom has decided that in Dad's memory all of the kids will learn to golf.  Naturally my kids would have learned to golf eventually, but likely would not be sporting their own little sets of clubs this early.  Jordan has said that the kids are too young to learn and that there is not much that they can do at this age, but that only brings up memories of me being about Skylers age, my brother John being close to Ethans age, and my older brother Eric being about 8, and all of us going golfing with dad.  He was patient with us, and told us to keep our eye on the ball until it came out without him making a conscious effort to say it.  We would always tee off, hit it a few times, then pick it up and drop it again close to Dad, and finish off putting.   No we were not a super fast foursome, and sure people passed us, but we learned to love the game, and I loved spending that time with my Dad.  My Dad was more or less a scratch golfer before he got sick, and then after would still consistently win his rounds.  He lost a lot of his strength, but had some killer accuracy, and played the fairways well! 
This past week my Mom bought the first sets of golf clubs for Dad's grand kids, and  they are thrilled!  Skyler actually has a pretty good swing, and he will do well.  I am thinking about getting him into some lessons this summer. Ethan has a ton of fun with it, but pushes the ball more than hits it.  What can we say though, he is 4.  Ryley needs some help, but feels so important with her own clubs to carry around.
My favorite part in the little golf bags that give my kids the ability to throw them on their back, and carry their own clubs.

Jordan has played in the waterton oilmans for the past couple of years.  It is a gold tournament that my Dad golfed in since the begining, It is going to be hard to continue to go because it is so full of memories of my Dad, going back to when I was just a little kid and the excitement I had for the ice cream in waterton while my Dad golfed, to last year where he and I spent the day in Waterton with my kids while Jordan golfed because he was physically unable to play himself.

The game of golf will be a legacy in our family of all the good times with my Dad.

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