Monday, April 2, 2012

A great night

Tonight was awesome! I don't have any pictures, so you will just have to believe me. I found the idea somewhere on line, but can't source it because I have no idea where I read it. But our family ate dinner on the floor on cushions, and with no utensils because we were eating like Jesus did at the last supper. It was great, it allowed us to talk to the kids about the true meaning of Easter and what we are really celebrating in a fun way. Then we had an FHE lesson using resurrection eggs - again awesome. I loved having a visual activity to bring the kids back to Christ. Then we got to go do a fun activity and we "secretly" egged someones house. The kids were thrilled to hide candy filled eggs at someones house - this family kindly watched from inside so that my kids didn't realize that they were discovered, and then we drove by and saw 2 excited little girls looking for all of the loot that my kids had left. I LOVED the time spent with my family. We had fun, and taught the kids some important lessons.

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J Fox said...

The girls LOVED it. Between this and Saturday's events you've pretty much made my girls Easter... THANKS! It fit perfect with our FHE.
And we actually never even saw your kids, just Jordan running up to the door... That made mine and Jeff's night!