Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a good Easter weekend. My brother Eric and his new wife Taneil came and spent the weekend at our house - we are the place to be now that Mom is in the basement.

The Easter bunny visited with baskets on Saturday since we have 9am church on Sunday. Skyler was the most excited and quickly emptied his basket and made sure the the whole house was awake and knew that Easter was happening with or without them.
He got a cool Monster Hat and of course some new sunglasses as has become a tradition in our house.Ethan was all about the candy, but he did get a nest shirt that changes color in the sunlight.He also got his sunglasses and was very happy that they are his favorite color - RED
Ryely loved all of the excitement, but was the last to crawl out of bed - than seems ot be the norm in our house, and she is not happy if she gets woken up.Check out her crazy hair - it was in curlers, but she had an accident so I had to take the out in the middle of the night to change her pj's which resulted in the craziest of crazy hair.Jordan was very excited to get a new laptop battery that is bigger and will hold a charge at all - mobility is a great feature in lap tops.
We decorated some easter eggs. I had some things, but Eric and Taneil brought up the mother of all easter egg decorating kids as well as the coolest little q-tip painters that allowed the kids to color on the eggs pretty easily.We had some very serious egg decorators.Ethan was puking as all of the excitement of Eastaer eggs started, so he sat on the couch with a puck bucket - how great is that???The kids all had new Easter outfits thanks to My Mother in Law and Eric and Taneil who bout Ryley the prettiest blue dress - which oh my, with her blue eyes she was quite the little lady.
The kids had a yummy cinnamon pull apart and yogurt breakfast before we ushered everyone out the door to walk to church for he first time this year. I made bunny tail treats for the boys to take to their classes,, and they were both very excited to do so - although it just added to the sugar overload of this little holiday.
We of course hosted dinner at our place, and found a good use for all of those decorated easter eggs -we used them as place markers for the group that was over for dinner.
It was a fun day that ended in playing some games and some good laughs - I am sure that we will never this of syrup or bald heads the same around here.

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Dorienne said...

Looks like loads of fun over there. I love the picture of Ethan with a hat and looks like uncle Steven.