Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kids New Years Eve

I really wanted to do something fun with the kids for new years even though there was no hope of them staying up (nor did I want to deal with the results of them staying up) I decided to do fondue which the boys loved (especially Jordan) Skyler loved the chocolate fondue because he could do the dipping all by himself!
And Ethan just enjoys mangling cream puffs and licking chocolate off of the fruit.Right after dinner we dressed the kids up really warm and went to Zoo Years Eve at the Calgary Zoo - the event was sold out, and I was excited to take the kids. Was it worth it? - No, I could have taken them to Zoo Lights on a warmer night. There were fireworks, but Ethan was exhausted after getting up really early this morning, so we missed them by like 10 minutes. There was supposed to be entertainment, and there was a person dressed up as a polar bear, and a few angels, but hardly worth it.

What do you do with your kids to help them enjoy New Years? Ideas Please!!!


Kat said...

Until they are 14 and can go to new years eve dances, nothing. Put them to bed and enjoy yourself! lol

Ashley Dawn said...

awww, that's great