Wednesday, December 3, 2008

and the Christmas crafts begin...

Life is way too busy for me to do something every day, especially cooking for the mission home for 2 weeks in December, but since we have the time this week we are making the most of it.
Yesterday we made gingerbread houses (out of graham crackers - because I had all of the babysitting kids to do it with as well)
Ethan had more fun eating the candy then putting it on his house, but Skyler LOVED it!Today we made Cinnamon Tree decorations that make the house smell oh so good, and it is super easy!
Skyler hung all of his on the tree - he has improved since decorating the tree a few days ago - they were all on the same level, but not all on the same branch :)


Ashley Dawn said...

what a great idea. That's awesome that he's improving with the decorating. It's amazing what makes us mothers proud!

Marie said...

We went out and chopped our Christmas tree just today!

Your gingerbread makers sure looked happy!