Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you believe it!

We got to go to a work Christmas party for my mom's work (ok sort of it is a customer of her works that invited us) The invite said that Santa was coming, and they could ride the polar bear express so bring your camera's We all forgot. All of us. My mom forgot hers, I forgot mine, I didn't have my phone, and Jordan's phone was charging at home, so no pictures :(

Skyler loved it, he chased Santa around to make sure that he knew that he wanted Gator golf for christmas. I sure hope someone is getting him it because I didn't buy it. He also got to hug frosty the snow man, a penguin gave him kisses, he rode the train, and then there was a table set up for decorating cookies - neither one of my boys wanted cookies. Seriously they wouldn't take the bait. I am ok with that though.

Skyler fell sound asleep on the way home but my little monkey Ethan was wired and he talked and pointed at things all of the way home, and then once freed from his snow suit started running laps around the Island in the kitchen.

They did both go to sleep like good little angels and I hope that they sleep in a little to compensate being late.

In other news - Jordan has decided to run a half ironman triathlon in Hawaii in 2010. I am soo not even close to being in shape for something like that and the time to train doesn't seem like a very likely possibility either, but I am soo proud of him, and can't wait to see this through. A trip to Hawaii doesn't really hurt either.


Carla said...

what an awesome christmas party...the polar express and everything. no wonder Ethan was wired and didn't fall asleep right away.
and a trip to Hawaii, you're right, it wouldn't hurt. i think that is awesome training for something like that. i wish him all the best!

Ashley Dawn said...

I LOVE great parties like that. Especially when it tires them out completely. Wow on the triathlon. I'm impressed.