Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas has arrived

Yay! Christmas is now here in our house - although it was hard to wait until December this year because Christmas has been everywhere for weeks already! Tonight for Family Home Evening we went out and cut down a Christmas tree, and I love it!
We drove 45 minutes out of the city and walked through the woods (with flashlights because we did it at night - next year it will be the Saturday before we want to decorate) until we found the perfect tree.
then Skyler and Jordan worked at cutting it down for us so that we could secure it to the top of the van to bring in home.
I LOVE our tree this year, it is totally a Charlie Brown tree, and not a genetically engineered full tree, or a full fake pre-lit tree (all of which do look beautiful) but it is our tree that we found in the woods and brought to our home. The boys loved it and I would totally do it again. This tree really makes me smile every time that I look at it.


Kristy said...

that's so fun, i definetely want to do that too, not a fan of the fake trees. i LOVE the smell that the real trees bring too.

Carla said...

it's a beautiful tree!! real trees do smell so nice!!!

Debbi said...

for a real (REAL) tree, it looks super good!

Ashley Dawn said...

That's awesome. What a neat experience to have too. I bet you'll never forget it.