Sunday, January 11, 2009

60 years

On Saturday we drove down to Magrath for a family celebration. My Grandma and Grandpa Fox have been married for 60 years! What an example that is in today's society where marriage is looked at so frivolously. I love them both dearly. They went to a portrait studio and had pictures taken for each of their 7 children - I have not had a chance to get copies yet, but I loved how you could picture what was happening in each picture. My grandpa grumbling about having to wear a suit, and why does he have to do this anyways (he is such a homebody and loves to catch a good ball game on tv). There is one with my grandma's head turned to my grandpa, and you know that she is scolding him for something - presumably telling him to smile because the next couple have a pained smile on his face.
They are some of the most welcoming and loving people I have ever known and it is hard to watch their health ailing, and I am so glad that our family is strong and does get together often.
there were relatives that made long drives to be there (a lot longer than my 3 hours in a snow storm) some who we see maybe once a year if we are lucky.
these 2 beautiful ladies with me are my cousins Jenny and Kristi. I remember being a spoiled little girl, the first girl to follow them with many male cousins in between, and having them fight for my affection. Each would try to one up the other with the fancy trips they would take me on when they could drive. I love the memories, and it is soo fun spending time with them now.
Ethan loved it and I was really shocked up with his independence. I LOVE the Joker smile from all of the juice he was drinking - that took some scrubbing to get off in the bath!
Here is my mom's whole family all 7 children with my gandma and grandpa, and I am soo greatful for the example that has been set for me, and glad to know that there are big shoes to fill as I learn from these wonderful people. I love family!

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Ashley Dawn said...

We had a 60th anniversary celebration for my Grandparents this year too. Those are such special occasions. I'm glad you got to experience this as well. It's neat when you can already see their legacy starting.