Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about resolutions or goals for the new year, and there are so many thing that I would like to do, but here are a few things that I would like to concentrate on this year.

- I would like to be a more grateful person. I feel that I am a grateful person by nature but I am not super outgoing, and while sitting at church with my mom a few weeks ago I have realized that if you don't say what you are thinking those around you will never know. My mom leaned over to me and said "her hair looks soo pretty I love the flower" What a nice compliment, but this lady had no idea that my mom appreciated her beautiful hair, and the extra time she spent putting the flower in. I am going to speak those thoughts so those around me know the appreciation that I have for them, and the things they do. I am going to give away more thank you cards, and really try to appreciate the small things.

- I would like to teach my children something new at least 3 days a week. Life gets so busy sometimes it is hard to soncentrate on those small learning moments with you children. As my children get older I see this as more a necessity and I do want to be involved in theier learning.

- I would like to look 'put together' every day - this doesn't mean I will be wearing heals to grocery shop, or that my lovely cozy sweat pants will lose thier appeal or get less use. I would just like to make sure that I am spending a little time on me. When I spend a little longer getting ready I feel soo much better. For me this also means getting up a little earlier becasue my children do not give me that little extra time.

- I would like to have a family over for sunday dinner at least once a month. Our ward was just split, and the ward that I live in was parts of 2 wards combined, so now there are a lot of faces that I do not know. I am not great at sparking up a conversation with people that I do not know well, but I can invite people to my home without reservation (beside where do we have people sit for dinner) I hope that this will help me get to know people a little better.


Sandi said...

Worthy goals. I hope you have great success.

Debbi said...

good resolutions!

I could probably say the same things for mine this year. But you're smart like that and thought of it first! :)

Ashley Dawn said...

Those are awesome goals. I think I could adopt every one of them.