Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love Him!

We had a stake enrichment meeting on Friday night, and it was a lot of fun, it always inspires me to do better, and try different things. A really good friend of mine came with me, and it was fun spending time with her outside of kids. We were 20 minutes late for dinner, but had Polynesian haystack (it was a paradise theme activity) and a really yummy tropical cake thing that I need to get the recipe for.

Then we had a talk by our Stake President
first of all who wouldn't love this man. every time I hear him speak he makes me laugh - without fail, even when he is speaking on sensitive, or serious matters. He takes special care to learn the names of the members in our stake, and actually does a phenomenal job at it. He start5ed his talk by saying that he doesn't know as many women as men in the stake, so to get to know us he decided to read our blogs. He started going through blogs just following the links, and found 27 blogs of women in our stake, mine being one of them. He quoted things he had read, had one lady come up and tell a story off of her blog, and mentioned many others. He spoke on Paradise (the Celestial kingdom) and 10 ways to help us get there. So Inspiring!

Then there was the opportunity to go to 2 different classes. I chose one on money management - informational, and I heard a few money saving tips that I might try to implement. The second class was on freezer meals, and I am SOLD. It saves money buying in bulk, and saves time on those evenings that life seems to be getting at you and you wish there was more time in the day. So my plan is to use up some of the things that currently fill my little deep freeze, and then do the Big Cook with some of my friends. (my mom, sister in law, and friend have all already said they want to do it as well) I am not planning on eating freezer meals every day, but I think that it will help life flow a little smoother on those busy days.

I am so grateful for the stake that I live in, for the women that surround me, and touch my life. I am grateful for the gospel, and all of it's inspired programs, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the women around me who know so much more then I do.


Kristy said...

I so wish I had gone, sounds like it was fun. We moved the 2nd time that day and I just couldn't move by the end of the day. I really wanted to go to that freezer meal one, were there any good recipes that you could share?

Ashley Dawn said...

He truly is a phenomenal Stake President. I wonder if he has ever read mine - yikes. I better start doing better...haha. I'm glad you had a great night. My mom travelled from Edmonton to go to that, so I'm glad to hear it was great.

Carla said...

i'm sad too that i didn't make it. i have to agree with you on our stake pres. thoughts. he is a wonderful man. thanks for sharing what you got out of it for those of us who couldn't make it.

Kat said...

I am actually quite bitter that I didnt get to go! I was all dressed up and in my "paradise" dress, first time out of the house to have a good time since id been sick, and Caleb couldnt get home intime from his last job:( I was so disappointed I cried. I dont want to blog about it because I dont want him to feel bad. What a baby I am am eh? I am sure it was awesome... (deep sigh)

Marie said...

I love the feeling from those meetings. So great. And yes, your Stake Prez looks like someone everyone would just have to love.