Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snow man

Skyler really wanted to make a snow man today, and the bad mother that I am have never really played out in the snow with him. I don't like being cold, I like being wet even less, and life is busy; there you have it, those are my excuses. So today for the first time in Skyler's life we built a snow man. Skyler took to playing in the snow readily, but poor stationary Ethan (he is normally quite mobile, but in the snowpants...) hated the experience.
Naturally I showed Skyler how to do it, and then ended up being the muscles, and taking orders from a 2 year old.
I sat both boys down beside the snowman to get a picture, it lasted exactly 32 seconds, but long enough for me to snap a picture.
I did try to get a picture with the three of us playing outside, but my arms are too short, and my boys are too squirmy, this is the best that I could manage
I am glad for the opportunity to play with Skyler and make him the happiest 2 year old in the world for a few minutes, but I still hate being cold, and hate even more being wet, seeing as today is April, hopefully I will not have to endure that again until next year!

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lelly said...

it's so hard for me to envision building snowmen... in april! i'm with you - i'm not fond of being cold and wet at the same time. (i can handle one or the other.)

self-portraits can be totally challenging, especially with two excited little with you!! this is a cute photo.