Monday, April 14, 2008

52 Blessings

Blessing Number 3

I am soo glad, and excited that we have finally finished Skylers room! We have envisioned for quite a while now that our 2 little boys would share a room as soon as Ethan was old enough to go into a big boy bed, so we started a search for bunk beds.
Jordan and I both wanted to find some wooden bunk beds, and not a metal frame. We finally found these in the bargain finder, and started the task of painting out the furniture. I actually quite like them, they have a little book case head board, and are able to be set up as 2 single beds as well.
We set up the bunk beds, and Skyler had no problem getting up, but was having difficulty getting back down off the top bunk, so my wonderful husband thought it would be a great idea to make a slide to help him get down on his own. The idea was there, and there was no stopping him. He did extensive 20 minute research on the internet, and set off to home depot to buy the supplies that he would need. A week later we had a platform, and slide to move into the bedroom. Jordan built the rail to make it safer, and I am glad for it. Skyler will wake up and want to go down his slide right away, and he doesn't necessarily have the balance thing figured out in his half conscious state.
I made the Valence out of Scraps from the firetruck wrap on the bed, that by the way was also Jordan's idea. I of course did all of the work, but he had seen something on a bed in the bargain finder, and decided that Skyler just had to have it (note: Skyler is VERY SPOILED - by mom and dad, and both grandparents live only minutes away) I loved the rings, although really don't think they would do well if the fabric were very heavy.
We were able to put the frames so that they graduated down the wall following the line of the slide, which I think looks pretty neat. Unfortunately the pictures in the frames are not all complete. I heard council from a very wise woman a few years ago that all children should have a picture of the temple and of Christ in their bedrooms. As you can see, we have Christ, but no temple. I am having a terrible time finding a pencil drawing of the temple which is what I so badly want because I love the pencil drawings of Christ. The middle frame will get to hold a family picture, or a picture of my 2 boys when I get around to taking the picture.
We had a blank space on the wall, and was looking for something to fill it when I went to a vinyl lettering party. I love the letters on tiles, and wood, but I LOVE the letters on the wall. I hope that my boys do grow up with a hero like their dad!
We searched the internet extensively looking for some bedding that related to firetrucks, but found it very limited. I guess if you are not doing sports, flowers, or Disney you can't find anything for a bedroom. I was able to find a couple, but really did not want really light colors for this room, I wanted bright vibrant alive colors that would make you feel alive and excited, just like a little boy feels when he sees a firetruck with it's lights flashing. We decided on Heroes by Olive Kids, and then set about getting them bought, and brought into Canada (we were not lucky enough to carry them north of the Border. Thanks to my wonderful parent who were detained at the border because I did not send the receipt with them when they went to Montana to pick them up, the bedding was hand delivered by said parents yesterday. Thanks!
and just because a little boys room is not complete without the little boy, I added a munchkin into the mix, albeit the wrong munchkin, but he is cute too don't you think?

I am grateful to have one less project on our hands, I am grateful for my husbands vision, and patience with mine, and I am grateful for a cute, fun room for my 2 year old to enjoy, and hopefully both of my boys will have hours of fun playing together.


Mandi said...

So cute! I love the slide - I want that room! I can't wait to start decorating Abbott's room!

Kristy said...

wow that's a really nice room! looked like LOTS of work. so cute.

Kalina said...

wow, that was some decorating idea. I added your blog to my links. Hope you guys are doing well. I have an idea for a temple drawing for you: I have a friend that did a pencil drawing of the temple for a wedding gift for us. So, you can have someone do that for you if you want. It makes it more personal too.