Sunday, April 13, 2008

Calgary Weather

Our ward had a new bishopric called today, and I am excited for the new, although sad to lose the old. Our new Bishop is Jason Leishman, and his councilors are Ed Baines, and Todd Coleman, but as we heard from each person in the old bishopric, Brother Koller made a comment that brings this week into perspective. He said that he was grateful to live in a place, where we can experience spring again and again, and believe me, we do!
This is what we woke up to Thursday morning. No real warning, news reports said light flurry's, but my sidewalk had almost a foot of accumulation to shovel, and the day before I didn't even have snow on my lawn. As you can imagine, traffic was a disaster for several hours that morning.
I am soo grateful that by today, Sunday it was 23 degrees outside, and we were able to have a nice family get together outside.
A small difference, but a vast improvement I would say. Not to put a shadow on our beautiful weather, but it is supposed to snow again on Tuesday... Just so we can experience spring again?Ethan loved playing in the grass, and even decided to take a few bites, and see what it tastes like.
Skyler probably ate close to 2 lbs of Strawberry's on his own. (not that we really had a ton to begin with, but he spent most of the afternoon stealing strawberry's from everyone else, and I thought this 2 year olds face was too cute to pass up on a picture!
What a perfect way to end a beautiful day. My mom and dad bought Jordan a Blizzard cake to have kind of an early birthday celebration because life is so busy they didn't know what the week would bring (not to worry, I do have a few surprises up my sleeve for his birthday on Tuesday) Overall we just had a wonderful day, and I am grateful, frustrated, and often confused by the crazy weather that blesses our life in Calgary!

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