Thursday, April 24, 2008

52 Blessings

Blessing Number 4
My Children.
Isn't it funny how some of your greatest blessings are also your greatest trials? Raising my 2 boys is my whole world, and I am always looking for ways to make their growing up years more fun, enjoyable, and memorable. But I also spend countless hours thinking about how to get Ethan to sleep through the night, or what it will take to get Skyler to stop smothering Ethan with hugs every 20 minutes (Ethan much despises this practice) Dealing with biting, pushing, sharing, eating. The lord works in mysterious ways. When I sit back and think about it, raising my boys is more stressful than anything else I have ever done, but it is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable thing I have ever done. I am grateful for the joy that they bring to my life, for the little smiles as they wake up in the morning, the snuggle and hugs, the "your my best friend moments" and yes even for the struggles. I love my family and feel very blessed with my beautiful boys!

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