Thursday, April 24, 2008

100 Things

so here is a list of 100 hundred things about me; some of them you may know, and some of them you may not...

01. Jordan was my second marriage proposal
02. I am the 2nd child of 5
03. I have 4 male siblings, making me the only girl
04. I have 2 boys of my own
05. I have been married almost 4 years
06. I am happiest when I am busy
07. I have no middle name
08. I love to read
09. I am terrified of picking books out at the library
10. I have terrible eyesight, and have had glasses since 6th grade
11. I love Gerber Daisy's
12. I am slightly anal about being organized
13. I always want things planned WELL in advance
14. I am a child of God - so are you!
15. I am uncomfortable around foul language
16. I was a straight A student, but still cannot spell
17. I am very much a perfectionist
18. a messy home drives me nuts (that means I am nuts a lot of the time!)
19. I have driven school bus for 2 years
20. some have (accurately) called me stubborn
21. I could be called opinionated
22. I make many sacrifices for my family
23. I dated my husband before his mission
24. I have no idea what my decorating style is - I just want it to look nice!
25. I like planned theme parties
26. I love going to live theater
27. If I am outside without sunblock, I am guaranteed a sunburn
28. my favorite color is blue
29. I love pretty containers
30. I am very ticklish
31. I hate being pregnant
32. When I got married, I wanted 12 kids, then I got pregnant.
33. I am terrified of thunder
34. I love to see lightening
35. I like to play games
36. I HATE losing games
37. I enjoy gardening
38. I want to be a well-read person
39. I love new clothes
40. I love shopping for OTHERS
41. I like to try new recipes (poor family)
42. I am a very good copycat, and am always looking for ideas to use myself
43. I love to see the seasons change
44. my favorite season is spring
45. I went to Mexico on my honeymoon
46. I had a 6 week engagement
47. I like the smell of new shoes, new books, fresh baked bread, freshly bathed babies
48. I sometime wish I were invisible...really!
49. My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds

50. I was born in Brooks Alberta
51. Both my parents and my inlaws live less than 10 minutes away
52. I love Montana!
53. I remember all of the words to my elementary school song
54. My dad is a cancer survivor - I am so glad!
55. I don't like sweeping and mopping
56. when given the chance, I read too much
57. I enjoy family vacations
58. my husband is my best friend
59. I LOVE holidays
60. I prefer to speak to someone face to face, instead of letters or e-mail
61. I have played the piano, violin, clarinet, and saxophone
62. I like to laugh
63. I find reorganizing an entire room extremely satisfying
64. I love the beach
65. I love smooth writing pens

66. I wil hide a "good pen" so that my husband doesn't lose it
67. I love to give gifts
68. I could eat roast beef dinner every Sunday for forever
69. I always have lists
70. I HATE ironing
71. my eyes are blue
72. I really dislike going to the dentist
73. I would like to be more easy-going
74. I get headaches when the weather is changing
75. I want to be a better mother
76. I love office supplies
77. I've lost contact with many people who I have loved
78. I often speak before I think
79. I was known for taking my clothes off as a little girl
80. I hate it when my socks don't match my outfit - it ruins my day
81. I often spent time in a Salon as a toddler being pampered - thanks Sandy
82. I had more makeup when I was 4 than MAC Cosmetics has ever seen
83. I lose my temper then feel an insane amount of guilt
84. I love to go on walks, and my husband doesn't
85. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere
86. I like decorating cakes
87. as a baby I was bald and bug eyed, but grew into a cute toddler
88. I have no interest in computer programming - my husbands chosen field
89. I have always lived in Alberta
90. I didn't want my drivers license
91. I have been told I am just like my mom
92. I take 91 as a great compliment, what a wonderful woman!
93. 9My husband cooks gourmet meals better than I do
94. If I don't use something in a year, it's garbage
95. I have curly hair, but wish it was straight
96. I dislike peas, and will never make my kids eat them
97. I like eating out at sit down resteraunts
98. My nails are brittle and break easily
99. I love one stop shopping
100. My career goal is to become a Clinical Neuro Psychologist, only 7 more years of school to go

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Carla said...

that's such an awesome idea and very inspirational...i just may steal it....(lol) :)