Sunday, September 2, 2012

Turning 3 means that it is time for tea

This year was on 'off' year for parties, meaning I was not throwing a friends party for any of my kids.  Lucky for Ryley Grandma seemed to thing that you can't have a 3rd birthday without having a tea party.  We had 3 little girls over to celebrate, and they all came dressed like real princesses.  Ryley started the day out in her Cinderella costume, but that didn't last long because it is still too big, and she was really struggling getting around in it.

My sister in Law Taneil was talked into helping out, and she was put on makeup duty.  I had almost as much fun watching her and the girls did getting pretties put on.  She was fantastic, and all of the little girls were shimmery and pretty.
All of the girls had a chance to get their nails done - funny with a bunch of 2/3 year olds.  Lola decided taht pink on one hand a purple on the other was the way to go.

 Hanna has 2 kind of almost half done hands because she was done long before her nails were, and Chloe chose purple all the way, but I am pretty sure she started picking at it and was down a few nails before she even made it home.
 Grandma read all of our princess some stories about disney princesses, and we learned a little bit about how important manners were. It was a good thing since we were getting ready to sit down to a 'tea'party full of lemonade and mini sandwiches, and mini squares and cupcakes.
 After we were all done a nice little drink and some treats the girls exchanged gifts.  Don't these little ladies look just like angels?
Grandma made sure that Ryely had some treasures to give to her friends to say thanks for sharing in her very special 3rd birthday celebration. Hannah was a natural with the microphone.
 Lola knew how to lay it on thick, she was a princess after all.
 Chloe wanted everything on, and did not want to put anything down.
 And Miss Ryley posed in all her birthday glory.
 We were trying to get a picture of all the girls together.  Sadly this was the best that we could get.

 Although, while we were busy snapping pictures we told the girls to make a kissy face.  Check out Lolas Kissy lips - I Die when I look at this picture!
 It was a really cute little party, and my princess enjoyed every minute of it.  One day she might realize just how lucky she is to have Grandma around so much.

On another note, Mom bought Jordan some beef Jerkey last night to say thanks for putting up with her crazy.  She sure is crazy, but we sure do love her!  I also feel so blessed that I have Jordan, and he is really a great guy, he tolerates a lot of crazy around here, and never seems to complain.

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bree johnson said...

oh my goodness I love it! chloe came home on cloud nine and slept with her flowers...not joking- thanks it was fun to have a dress up day for her without big brothers! my fav shot is the one above the girls sitting down eating so cute! I'm so glad her and miss r are friends!