Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Family Photos.  I love having an updated photo every year, I think that it tells the story of our lives, and the different stages that our family is in.  This year Jordan suggested that we do photos while we were in California and I loved the idea.  With the help of some friend we did find a photographer that we could afford, and we took photos at woods cove which was a really great little beach with rocky outcroppings, and really just beautiful.

On our way south to take pictures Ethan informs us that he has to pee.  I ask if he can wait and he says yes.  Moments later he starts rocking and I could tell that he really couldn't wait (why do kids wait so long to tell you that they have to pee?!?!?!) We were at a light right next to a restaurant so Jordan pulls in, and I unload kids and head into the bathroom.  As I go to load kids back into the van Jordan asks what we are going to do about Ethan's peed pants - what I just took him to the bathroom.  I look at his booster seat and it is covered in pee, I look at the back of him, and he is covered in pee. Well not enough time to do anything about that one - he fell in the water right?

We got to the beach and started taking photos and Ryley stubbed her toe on one of the rocky out croppings and starts to bleed.  Awesome, I can't wash it off in the ocean so I start bothering people on the beach to see if I can use some of their drinking water.  There was a kind couple who helped, but now Ryley is whining and does not want to be put down. 

All in all it was super fun, and we did get some shots that I really like, it was just full of excitement.  Also not gonna lie - a lot of the pictures are taken on an angle and that bothers my type A personality and so Jordan already photo shopped some so that they can be straight and even, just the way that I like things.  Enjoy.


J Fox said...

Very cute! I like pictures at an angle, but I think they may have gone a little overboard, but very fun!

Kira said...