Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not enough pockets

Last Night we went out to dinner to celebrate Mom, and we were eating at Red Lobster.  It was all you can eat shrimp, and mom's shrimp was taking a really long time to come out, and the kids had all finished eating and were getting restless.  Ethan started to pack up, and wanted to take all of the little boxes of crayons home, and his pictures.  He started shoving stuff in his pockets, but quickly ran out.  So he started to put stuff down his pants, yup he sure did.  Mom caught that one and informed him that it was not the best place to store things.  Ethan is not one to become discouraged though and undid his zipper on his pants and started shoving things in that way.  I just about died, but showed him that he had back pockets to his jeans and all was well with the Nielson Family.

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