Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Day weekend

On the long weekend we had a lot of fun.  Friday night we were able to go through the new temple here in Calgary and take the kids, and John and Amanda with us.  It is a beautiful building, and I am so excited to have one here in Calgary.  Then when we got up on Saturday morning we started our jouney down to magrath, but instead of just driving to Magrath we made a few stops.  The first of which was at the Aviation Museum in Nanton. Truthfully I didn't expect too much from it, but the kids loved it.  And how appropriate to reflect on our freedom as we were looking at lists of thousands of people who died in WWII in the airforce alone. The kids were able to climb inside one of the real fighter planes, and look around, and then they were able to climb into a cockpit and play with a flight simulator.  I am grateful that for now none of my children are pilots.
We piled back in the van and drove to Lethbridge where we did a little bit of shopping for halloween costumes, and then went to see Brave in theater and pigged out on popcorn.  We spent the night at Sandy and Kims - which for some reason is a favorite for my kids, and then Sunday we were able to watch conference and enjoy a family dinner with my grandma and grandpa Fox. We don't know how long we have left with them, and grandpa has gotten kind of mean, not like he is mean, but the dementia is really bad, and he doesn't act like himself.  Sometimes it is really hard to hear him say things, mean and hurtful things that he never would have said to us.  Ever! I was very grateful to see him though, and give my grandma a big hug - she is one of the best women there are.  Life is good.  Then we drove home so that I could go and serve dinner to 28 missionaries on Monday.  It was a long weekend for sure, but fun, and one to remember.

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